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Sedona Resorts, Inc., in collaboration with its Owner and Developer Partners is committed to creating and managing fully integrated, holistic, sustainable resort master planned communities, resort hotels and destination spas. Sedona will go far beyond the positive achievements of current green efforts by developing and implementing comprehensive sustainability policies, practices, and green product use mandates in all aspects of each property. These policies will include sustainable design and construction efforts such as using local materials and sustainable woods to the extent possible, decreasing construction waste sent to landfills, and reducing shipping requirements thereby reducing the harmful greenhouse gas emissions associated with modern transportation methods. Additionally, sustainable furniture, fixtures and equipment will be selected, with a commitment to the use of energy efficient lighting, appliances, and low flow water fixtures. Indigenous landscaping, composting, and extensive recycling programs will also be an integral part of the daily operations at each property. Sedona embraces a 'Farm to Table' philosophy in its food and beverage offerings, featuring fresh, locally sourced, sustainable products. Long term sustainable operations will encompass the use of renewable energy sources and a dedication to achieving a zero carbon footprint. All of these efforts demonstrate Sedona Resorts' commitment to social responsibility and the health of the environment on a global level.

Investors and future guests already committed to sustainable development and travel will be drawn to our properties because of the scope and authenticity of each property's commitment to sustainability. Educational opportunities focused on the importance of green initiatives will be made available to guests and team members, allowing them to actively participate in the sustainable movement. Sedona will ensure that each property will also strive to support the local community with a conscious awareness of the social, cultural, economic and physical qualities of the area. Residents will be provided educational and career opportunities and will be intricately involved in the creation of programs to share their culture with guests, while developing their own financial sustainability.